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Cover of The 2015 Prairie Garden: Grasses and SucculentsThe 2015 Prairie Garden

Grasses & Succulents

The 2015 Prairie Garden brings gardeners a double bill of exciting plant options for the Prairies with both succulents and grasses featured.  These two plant forms are current hot topics among gardeners and garden writers. With an eye to Prairie conditions, specialists and gardeners both present exceptional guidelines for growing and caring for these plant groups. Normally thought of as plants for warm places, succulents and cacti are amazingly suitable for the Prairies, many of them wintering well. Meanwhile numerous grasses provide a new structure and form that adds exciting interest our gardens.

Articles are written by knowledgeable contributors including horticulturalists, plant breeders, researchers and gardening enthusiasts.  Beautiful full-colour photographs are featured throughout.

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The Prairie Garden is a digest sized, soft-covered book published annually by a volunteer committee since 1956 and is dedicated to the advancement of horticulture in the Prairie Provinces.

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The 2015 Prairie Garden is on McNally Robinson's Best-Sellers List.

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